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    The Coastal Cowgirl: From Hollywood to Home Decor

    This summer, the beaches are for more than sunbathing and the mountains are for more than hiking—coastal cowgirl style means you can add some west coast energy to the beachy shore and even to your living room.

    So you know a trend is serious when the Something Navy girls cameo on the streets of NYC and super celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney stop swooshing around in their stilettos for cowboy boots; here are some examples of how cowboy boots are hotter than a July afternoon in Texas, a typical day of the month, by the way. Oh and the home decorators who are transforming their city condos into beachfront saloons. Yee-haw, yall, here we go talking about this fantastic fusion of fashion and interior styling!

    The coastal cowgirl trap the Celebrity Stampede

    Coastal Cowgirl

    The coastal cowgirl trend seamlessly fuses cowgirl grit with coastal chill. It’s as if someone put all the cowgirls on vacation and took them to the beach despite the fact that they brought their hats and boots.

    Kendall Jenner She’s been “coastal cowgirling” all over Instagram in that iconic pair of cowboy boots & bikinis. If in reality this look means, “I may surf today or perhaps horse-riding on the beach? I haven’t decided yet.”

    Suki Waterhouse & Camila Morrone In full ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ mode, these two have taken on denim and white button-downs that were ordained a few years at Coachella, obviously.

    At some point we can both agree on, Lori Harvey: Bringing the western vibes to tropical lands, Lori was seen making a press release in an orange bikini and a straw cowboy hat. How about this lovely desert-inspired hat for the beach look.

    Sydney Sweeney: This Bardot eyelet skirt and top aren’t doing Sydney any favours and the look is more ‘California girl goes country’ than ‘farmhand at a beach party’.

    Kim Kardashian: Never one to shy away from a current wave, Kimmy K hit up social media rocking a black cowboy hat, proudly announcing “not my first rodeo. I had no idea that rodeos could be so posh!

    Beyoncé & Yellowstone: Heck, even Queen Bey and popular TV shows are giving a nod to this trend, a little celeb endorsement is wilder than a buckin’ bronco.

    Coastal Cowgirl 101: Channel Your Coastal Cowgirl With THESE Essentials

    Coastal Cowgirl Boots

    As it turns out, you don’t need a horse or beach house to nail the look — you just have to appreciate the combination of rugged and relaxed. Here’s what you’ll need:

    Flowy, Neutral-Coloured Blouses— perfect for those sandy beach nights or casual brunches

    Denim Everything: Because you can never be cowgirl enough.

    Cowboy boots — go big with knee boots or smaller with ankle (just keep it sand color!)

    Straw Accessories: Perfect beach totes and wide brim hat

    Wide-Buckle Belts: Great for tucking in those flowy tops or dresses.

    Runway to Living Room: Coastal Cowgirl Home Décor

    And now… gallop on over to the home front with me, would you? Now, if you’re looking to bring this trend to your living room, then here’s how to get a little coastal cowgirl into your space:

    Rustic Natural Wood, and Rattan Furnishings: This furnishings gives a vintage, comfortable appearance- perfect for that laid-back living space.

    Simple Neutrals with a Blue Accent: They are light and airy and say, we are at the ocean, but look, at the same time we are under the sky.

    Anchor and Shell Accents — A coastal look wouldn’t be complete without a few pieces giving a nod to the sea.

    Horseshoes and cow skulls now not simply for barns, those can also upload a bit of quirky-boho charm to your wall art.

    Old Signs and Worn Out Items-Adds character and nostalgia to your home and makes the space appear to be an old-fashioned ranch house.

    Tips for Urban Cowgirls and Cowboys Saving Space

    While beachfront property is a stretch for most of us, even in a studio apartment or smallest corner, these ideas can help you infuse this style — in a way that works.

    All That Does Double Duty Think ottomans that open up to storage inside or coffee tables with compartments. They do not take up much space and keep all your cowgirl clutter organized.

    Vertical Storage: use shelves and wall hangings to store and display your decorations without using up your floor space.

    Rugs with Texture: A layer of jute or sisal defines spaces and adds a grounding, textural layer.

    Coastal Colors: washed out whites and sandy tones will make you feel like you are working on the beach, but get all the peace that will bring you.

    Coastal Cowgirl Swinging Urban Chic

    Why only stick with one? Mix it up right? Add a western/Cowgirl coastal twist to the following trends:

    Farmhouse Fusion — Mix country with contemporary by blending textures and finishes.

    Swap out formal accents for boho touches like macramé and woven textures.

    Industrial Edges: Incorporate metal fixtures or expose piping for an unrefined, practical aesthetic that pairs well with coastal softness.

    Party Like a Coastal Cowgirl

    Throwing a beach-themed bash? Below is a list of few essentials that you may like to consider while preparing for the perfect party —

    Seashell Decor: Seashells make great decorations and are a solid party add-on.

    Nautical Novelties: Use ropes, anchors, and nets to keep the beach feel going.

    Cow print rugs or cushions: bring in some wild west with the addition of cow print accented elements.

    Straw Statements: Personalized straw handbags or baskets to serve as decor and party favors for your guests.

    Bohemian Coasters and/or Macramé Hanging

    Coastal cowgirl is not only a marketing term, but also a way of life. This trend combines the rugged spirit of the West with the subtly breezy approach of the coast… perfect for festival season or outfitting your living room. So, put that cowboy hat on, pull on those boots, and make waves in that cowgirl style!

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